RPB Z-Link PAPR Air Fed Welding/Grinding Helmet

The RPB® Z-Link® is more than a product. It's a system. the most versatile multi-purpose respirator on the planet. From welding and grinding to chemical handling, the Z-Link® serves the widest spectrum of industries and applications on the market.
RPB Z-Link PAPR Air Fed Welding/Grinding Helmet
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The Z-Link®’s large visor enables you to operate with a widened perspective. It features exceptional downward and peripheral vision combined with a visor that hinges open for free air breathing and easy communication. Engineered to advance your safety. Designed to increase your productivity.

Inspired by military innovation, our R&D Special Ops Unit has relentlessly refined every last detail. The team has travelled the world to meet with and listen to operators. Ultimately, these refinements have enabled RPB® users to work smarter, not harder. Save crucial energy, time and costs in competitive industry environments, where elite protective equipment is often overlooked.

The Z-Link® is certified to the standards below and conforms to AS/NZS 1716:2012, AS/NZS 1336:2014, AS/NZS 1801:1997

The Z-Link Ready-To-Use Package: Part Number # 16-079-21-FR

Z-LINK® Helmet

Z-Link+® Welding Lens

PX4 Air® PAPR Blower Unit with battery & charger.

PX4 Air® Breathing Tube (for Z-Link®)

Zytec® FR Shoulder Cape


Why choose the Z-Link package:

ü Suitable for welding, grinding, plasma cutting & chemical handling.

ü Offers more protection than any other auto darkening helmet on the market.

ü PX4 Air blower battery lasts up to 13 hours on a single charge.

ü The most advanced welding lens on the market with a 1/1/1/1 rating in optical quality.

ü Certified to AS/NZS & ANSI Z87W standards for eye protection.

ü Certified to NIOSH standards for air respirators.

ü Certified to ANSI Z87+ standards for high velocity impact for eye & face.

ü Certified to ANSI Z89.1 standards for hard hat protection. Impact resistant helmet.

ü Welding lens can be easily detached for extended periods of plasma cutting or grinding.

ü Helmet takes a magnifying lens if required.

ü Designed & manufactured in USA.

For further information, click on the links below:
/site/weldingsupplies/Z-Link PAPR Helmet Brochure.pdf
/site/weldingsupplies/RPB PX4 Air PAPR Brochure PWS.PDF

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