Plasma Cutter Air Filter M-26

Removes oil aerosols, condensed moisture and particulates to give you Cleaner, faster, smoother plasma cutting with ultra-clean air
Plasma Cutter Air Filter M-26
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NZ $221.00
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M26 Air Filter & Element  M-26 Air Filter
 M-723 Filter Element (4Pk)
 M-723 Filter Element (1Pk)
PXM260     Motor Guard M-26 Air Filter
PXM7230   Element M-723 4Pk (for M-26 Filter)

  • Cleaner, faster, smoother plasma cutting with ultra-clean air
  • Prolongs the life of plasma torch tips & electrodes
  • Removes oil aerosols, condensed moisture and particulates
  • Installs on or near equipment for ultimate protection
  • Ideal for plasma cutters and all air consuming equipment
Plasma cutting requires clean, dry, oil-free compressed air. Here’s an economical way to ensure the compressed air running through your plasma cutter will not compromise the performance of your cutter. The Motor Guard M-26 Plasma Air Filter is a sub-micronic compressed air filter designed to remove the smallest contaminant, oil aerosol and condensed moisture. Installation of a Motor Guard Filter downstream of the air regulator on your plasma cutter will effectively remove contamination from the compressed air line to eliminate arc “sputter”, reduce corrosive wear of the electrode and tip, and restore maximum cutting efficiency to your plasma cutter. Customers who use this filter report contaminant-free air with higher flow rates and minimal drops in pressure. For maximum service life of your filter, we recommend blowing out your airline with an air gun at the start of the day to remove any condensation from the pipeline. Order your Motor Guard M-26 filter and see the difference it makes in the performance of your plasma cutter.

PXM7230 - Super duty M-723 Motor Guard replacement filter element for your Motor Guard M-26 filter. Traps damaging particles as small as .01 Microns and moisture to 99%


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