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Thermal Lance Gouging Rods - Slice Rods

Thermal Lance also known as Thermic Lance or Slice Rods. The temperature reached in the center of the combustion zone is approx 4000 degrees Celsius, greater than the melting point of any substance on earth.
A Thermic Lance (commonly known as a Slice Rod) is a steel pipe packed with mixed metal wires. Pure oxygen gas is passed through the pipe from an oxygen cylinder and regulator. The end of the pipe is lit with a high temperatures source, e.g. an oxy-acetylene torch.
The iron in the steel burns in the oxygen coming down the pipe to produce enormous heat and a liquid slag of iron oxides and other materials dribbles and splashes out.

The temperature reached in the centre of the combustion zone is approx 4000 degrees Celsius, greater than the melting point of any substance on earth.
By the way of comparison, concrete melts at 1800-2500 degrees Celsius and steel at less than 1500 degrees Celsius.

A Thermic Lance is capable of cutting through:
  • All ferrous and non-ferrous metals (recommended)
  • Refractory materials such as linings and bricks (recommended)
  • Underwater cutting of metal tracks, bridge supports (recommended)
  • Concrete or rock structures (mainly for piercing holes only)
Thermic Lance Range
  • 6mm x 505mm
  • 6mm x 1000mm
  • 10mm x 505mm
  • 10mm x 1000mm
  • 12mm x 505mm
  • 12mm x 1000mm
  • 12mm x 1250mm
Large Thermic Lance Range
  • 12mm x 2.75m
  • 16mm x 2.75m
  • 19mm x 2.75m
  • 26.9mm x 3.25m
Other sizes available.
Also available: Tourch's/Guns, Replacement collets, Safety Equipment & Clothing.

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